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Our extensive knowledge of the yacht industry has led to the development of the Turbojet and Dieseljet range of tenders, designed to perform a range of functions from utility vessel to high performance waterski boat.
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LOA 2.90m
Beam 1.69m
Seating 3 Persons
Dry Weight 300kg
Engine Textron 850MPE 80HP standard
Textron 850MPE 100HP 'S'
Top Speed 41mph/66kph standard
48mph/77kph 'S'
Typical Fitments Yachts 12-16m
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Capacity: 3 Persons
Capacity: 4 Persons
Capacity: 5 Persons
Capacity: 6 Persons
Capacity: 7 Persons
Capacity: 8 Persons
Capacity: 9 Persons
Capacity: 11 Persons
      Capacity: 5 Persons
Capacity: 6 Persons
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Supreme stability at all speeds, great carrying capacity, and high performance from the low emission/low fuel consumption 4-stroke engine are features which have been engineered into our boats through constant development.
  • Eight exciting colour schemes to choose from.
  • A wide range of personalisation and accessories available.
  • High performance, speeds up to 48mph/77km/h.
  • Supreme stability at all speeds.
  • Closed Loop cooling system with heat exchanger.
  • New Weber 850MPE engine delivering power between 80hp and 120hp.
  • Ultra Low Emissions.
  • Power Limit switch offering a 'learner mode'.
  • Excellent fuel economy for long range cruising.
  • Advanced axial flow jet pump with steel impeller.